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Scrim Foam 6mm ideal for Motorcycle seat covers, upholstery etc

Scrim foam is used as a backing foam under vinyls to add padding and shape. It can be cut, glued and used in multiple layers to achieve the desired thickness.

6mm scrim foam is ideal for use under vinyl and as a final padding layer over other filling materials in seating. 

This Grey high density scrim foam is perfect for dressing most types of motorcycle seat foams before fitting a new seat cover.  It is ideal where your old foam has imperfections, is damaged or worn, or you would just like a little more comfort.  .

Sheet Size 26" x 39".  (36cm x 100cm)  If you would like a larger size then please email me

Includes a brief guide to using the foam to dress a motorcycle seat.



Scrim Foam 6mm ideal for Motorcycle seat covers and general upholstery

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